Gino Sitson


Gino Sitson (by Mephisto)
  • country:Cameroon
  • region:Africa
  • style(s):
    • Afro
    • Jazz
  • label:Piranha Arts AG
  • type: Solist
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal

"Our voices are the best instruments that we have. There is no instrument that can do everything that a voice can"
Gino Sitson

Gino Sitson is the voice. Through his vocal wizardry and 4.5 octaves, he creates an endless range of sounds combining jazz, gospel, blues and traditional African rhythms and melodies, as well as freely exploring the use of his body as a percussion instrument.
Born in Cameroon, Gino Sitson comes from a long line of musicians, known as Ntontas, ("players of horns"). His mother is a vocalist and choir director and he grew up listening to African traditional music and also the blues and jazz records of his parents' record collection.

Before starting his professional career, he went to Paris to study languages and ethnomusicology at the Sorbonne and began making inroads into the professional music world first as a drummer, then as singer, recording and playing alongside Manu Dibango, Papa Wemba, Wally Badarou, Ray Lema, Jorge Ben among others. The release of his first album, "Vocal Deliria", brought him the opportunity to tour in Europe with his Vocal-Afro-Jazz group. In 2000, on a visit to New York, he decided to settle there and further explore the "world of voices", giving concerts, leading vocal workshops, lending his unique vocal skills to movie soundtracks and TV commercials and recording his critically acclaimed second album "Song Zin'".

Press Quotes

"He's someone who loves and caresses every note. Whether you can understand his words or not, the meaning is always abundantly clear from his tone."
All Music Guide

"The meditative virtuosity of Sitson's solo work is clear, and his voice conveys a pristine, complex instrumental tonality."
Roots World

"An entertaining performer with a unique style of delivery, he will find a large listening audience in the USA..."

"Gino Sitson is a real vocal acrobat: he sings with fabulous ease and obvious humor developing a register where African traditions come across jazz and blues."
Le Monde

"Inventive, skilful, seducing, moving, the Cameroonian author-composer Gino Sitson, with surprising vocal performances and creativity, embodies the new ways in African singing."
Le Figaro

"Cameroonian inheritor of Al Jarreau and Bobby Mc Ferrin, Gino Sitson engages in vocal acrobatics, somewhere between jazz, gospel and African music."


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