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The mother of all world music summer festivals urbi et orbi! Wherever you are in the world, whatever kind of music you are grooving to – your annual world music summer festival starts here! In Berlin. In 1988.

The conditions were auspicious: Berlin was European Capital of Culture, EU subsidies were plenty – so, in the summer of 1988, Piranha Kultur presented the HeimatKlänge festival for the first of twenty editions at Tempodrom in Berlin’s Tiergarten public park, right next to where later the chancellery was built – “Home Sounds from Home Planet Earth”, as the festival was originally subtitled.

That first year was different – one night for each act on the bill. Second year was when HeimatKlänge really evolved into what the festival became famous for: four nights in a row for each act plus a Sunday midday show with interviews. And the icing on the cake: free entrance! Never before had there been a better chance to expose oneself to regional music that was as yet rather unknown to the global public –keep in mind that these were the days before internet. Music from everywhere was not yet a click away!

The cherry on the icing on the cake, though, were the acts presented – with the benefit of hindsight, it remains an unbelievably classy roster of world-class ensembles from around the globe! Focused on a special topic each year from 1989 onwards, HeimatKlänge presented over the years acts from almost all over the world.

Two kinds of occasional HeimatKlänge samplers were released to accompany the festival: live recordings from the shows themselves, and special studio recordings made by the visiting acts while they were in town.

Today, HeimatKlänge are everywhere and always – for a taste of the originals, see below.

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