Maurice El Medioni
  • style(s):
    • Jewish
  • label:Piranha Records

Having an identity – what is it good for? To distance or separate yourself? No, on the contrary! Every philosophy with enough worth to be called one in the first place, any position of worthwhile spirit has the impulse to bridge its differences with all other possible (and impossible) world views, the impulse to enrich with their own distinct offer rather than to oppose any other concept around, the impulse to make friends rather than enemies, to make the whole world with all its discrepancies – however forthright and striking they might be – move as one.

That’s certainly the general attitude of the numerous Jewish artists who found an artistic home at Piranha Records – from Frank London and The Klezmatics through to Alan Bern’s Semer Ensemble project and Maurice El Medioni! Of the many thrilling styles on offer are: klezmer – from the comprehensive historical overview through to the congenial all-star tribute to legendary Eastern European Di Shikere Kapelye to the very modern, genre-defining and genre-spearheading ‘new klezmer’ ensemble deluxe; Sephardic storytelling that draws from all kinds of regional sources and roots; crossbreeding Jewish heritage with the kinsmen from the Gypsy brass chapter; Judeo-Andalusian and Judeo-Moroccan mawal; the Jewish roots of the Maghreb gone PianOriental; an Eastern European Jewish wedding, the khasene, turned hip-hop extravaganza.

It goes right across the spectrum of matters Jewish at Piranha Records. Cohabiting peacefully with international colleagues of almost any nationality, religion and philosophy as one voice among many – no more, no less.

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