Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz - Calypso Christmas


"Calypso Christmas" - Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz

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It's nearly Christmas time again, and Berlin's kings and queens of retro, Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz, are working overtime to bring a blast of sun and paradise to the cold greyness that blankets the city. To warm up your hearts in the cold winter time they recorded the song “Calypso Christmas (Christmas in Trinidad)“ – the world record holder for a song that has the most words that rhyme with "Trinidad."! . “There are a lot of immigrants among us, remember, with many background and customs in regard to Christmas. So in an attempt to unify a sense of longing to be in a familiar place far away, Trinidad was the obvious answer.“, as Lord Mouse describes the collective homesickness of the 7-nation-17-member band. Although none of them comes from Trinidad, it acts as a metaphor for everyone in a globalised world, whose family has drifted across the world, without time or resource to embrace each other in the spirit of the cold season.
The cheery music will help melting the snow off of your balcony, and keep your feet tapping at the same time. Recorded in Paris and mixed in Berlin "Calypso Christmas" is made especially to say thank you to their fans, that have helped to elevate the band to the Ambassadors of Caribbean music in Germany.


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