Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz - Go Calypsonian


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Europe’s first and only calypso orchestra, Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz, is finally accompanying their impressive success in the underground scene of Berlin with their new album “Go Calypsonian”. It will probably make you think, laugh and shake as well, as long as you let the Caribbean sounds take over you! This 7-nation-17-member-band is hard to ignore but easy to love: “Go Calypsonian”,produced by Colin Bass, is filled with catchy and feel- good melodies (“Calypso Hipshake”) surrounded by the dazzling sounds of trumpets, sax, ukulele, mandolins and Caribbean percussions. Once started off as a one- man project, Lord Mouse very quickly attracted more and more people wanting to create a fresh calypso sound that would leave the audiences delighted.

But being the new representative of the Trinidadian sound of the 40s and 50s doesn’t make it easy, that's why they wrote the song "White Boy Calypso".
“One theme we had never touched on was race, which is obviously very big in calypso, as these people were the children of slaves. It was a bit touchy to find a song that could apply to us, a bunch of white people. But this one works, because it's about how everyone asks me why I am doing this music as a white man.", recalls Lord Mouse as the the creative core of the band.
Nevertheless, this heavy calypso combo is entirely hooked by the idea of bringing their message across, so they rather use every opportunity for storytelling and performing on every stage that can carry a seventeen strong band.
A sweet and promising invitation for 2013, “Go Calypsonian”!


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