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"Go Calypsonian" - Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz

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Lord Mouse and the The Kalypso Katz represent what can be called a multinational family: after four years of wooing crowds around Western Europe, this 7 nation 17 member band has finally churned the non- stop dancing crowd in Berlin- even without using cheap electronic beats. On the contrary: with their strong, wildly effusive and charmingly quirky personality, they now want you to get to know the Caribbean idea of great music by just giving you the sweet advice to “Go Calypsonian” (Piranha Musik, June 2013).

Calypso lyrics are rebellious, humorous, and sometimes suggestive protests of corrupt politics or racial prejudice, while touting the singer’s street cred and sexual prowess. Nevertheless, the heavy calypso orchestra can still make you sweat and dance to “Calypso Hipshake”or leave you surprised but still amazed by the Soviet cartoon ditty “Chunga Chunga”. It seems like the music scene is ready for some traditional Caribbean music from the early 20th century translated into 2013!


"So whenever this dazzling combination is around, the audience can be sure to get blown away by swaying beats, massive horns, bold self - written lyrics, and a bevy of dapper, rakish suits and bathing-beauty chorus of singing."

grooveattack.com July 2013

"These Katz may be white, but they sound like calicos from where I dance. "

Valley Advocate quote on reverbnation.com

"Though lyrics resonate with contemporary mores and issues, the sound of Calypso, as it was played more than a half-century ago, is unique, and the group works to keep that feel. Shying away from more sonic electronic developments (soca's electronic pop intensitiy, for example), the Kalypso Katz maintain a vintage vibe that honors the songs of early calypso."

Anya Wasserberg, artandculturemaven.com June 2013

"Their intoxicating blend of cheery vocals and hypnotic rhythms conjures up visions of a calypso Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks. One track particularly worth mentioning is "Chunga Changa," which comes courtesy of Russian bassist General Confusion and is the theme song to a Soviet-era cartoon show. One can imagine the band's stage show, as their dance grooves are impossible to resist."

Randy Otto, expressmilwaukee.com

"After four years of wooing crowds around Western Europe, they have finally released their call for the world to Go Calypsonian (Piranha Musik). As the album reveals, the band may break into a ridiculously catchy Soviet cartoon ditty ("Chunga Changa," courtesy of Russian bassist General Confusion), into a sweet homage to the abdication of King Edward (the classic calypso song, "Love, Love Alone"), or do its damnedest to make booties shimmy ("Calypso Hipshake")."

allaboutjazz.com, July 2013

"(...) we are faced with a glorious record by a bunch of white boys in Berlin that sounds like Mighty Sparrow before be abandoned calypso to chase the charts by going soca."


"Sometimes music finds a home in the most unlikely of places. Who could guess calypso would find an audience in Berlin?The sound of Trinidad during the mid-twentieth century is thriving in a city known for its diverse partyscene."

Sometimes music finds a home in the most unlikely of places. Who could gues

"The name of Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz is associated with the revival of calypso music, carnival music from the lands of Antilles and the en vogue sound from the 50s. Though being from Berlin, the suggestive energy of the band breaks the ice and invites the audience to celebrate the carnival way of life."

Mondomix July 2011

"Lord Mouse and the gang present a retro vision of calypso from an earlier, more innocent time. Steering away from techno-remixes, the result is handcrafted and captures the essentially carefree nature of the genre."

MG, World Music Charts Europe June 2013

""Go Calypsonian" is blowing over a fresh breeze of Carribean soil with its witty and bombastic tracks, that would make a men on death row forget his fate - a perfect start for the summer."

Paulo Ferrari, Italy

"Released July 9, 2013, The Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz's album Go Calypsonian from Piranha Musik, successfully fuses calypso music with a big band groove. This 17-member group has packed the bars and stages of Berlin with their reeling rhythms, blistering horn play and fun cheeky lyrics."

Sari N. Kent, thecelebritycafe.com July 2013

"Based in Berlin and fronted by the American Mouse, the 17-member Katz are first and foremost a performing entity. Their live sets are dancehall-savvy, fun and crisply executed."

Charles de Ledesma, Songlines August 2013

"Featuring 17 musicians alongside six charming backup singers, Europe's first big Calypso orchestra undertakes the incredible challenge to revive the classic sound and the cheeky spirit of Trinidad's popular music of the forties and fifties. (…) this Berlin based band of international players promises to be the talk of the next festival season."

Y.R., Mondomix September/October 2013

"To get the rarest calypso records in the world, you don't only have to dig some forgotten crates in some backyard in Trinidad, you've even got to go diving in the sea And this is not the only reason calypso vinyl is hard to find. It's a hard job for Lord Mouse, a dedicated collector of rare calypso 78s and head of the 17-piece Kalypso Katz band in Berlin. Still, the Lord keeps digging..."

iCrates December 2011

"No, it is not one of those moderately entertaining holiday-party-band-projects. Lord Mouse & The Kalypso Katz seem quite serious. The Berlin group, whose members came together from all over the world, invents the Calypso again. Lord Mouse dares, what few would have dared to dream: a traditional calypso project for the urban entertainment of today with very much authenticity, as the album shows in every single note. Our wish is finally fulfilled; the thin end of the wedge is done: The Calypso Revival can start now"

Rocking Steady

"Two years of making a record is not that much time if you consider that Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz consist of 17 musicians and as many female katz singers, dressed in spring- borne and in banana inspired outfits. These on stage choir singers call themselves sweet names such as Die Schicke Ulrike, Tiger Tam or Chiquita Anita. But since their first album has been uploaded on Spotify and since their music is played on Nova, it's going well. Calypso music, how it is called, is an Afro- Caribbean genre, that became popular thanks to the actor (yes actor) Robert Mitchum in the 50s. Lord Mouse, a cosmopolitan from Berlin, mixes derision, hysteria, sax and folklore from Friedrichshain (Boxi Bacchanal) without losing himself. You always suppose them among tubes or in the jungle."

Eric Loret, Liberation

"Let the heralds be Lord Mouse and The Kalypso Katz. If you like to dance, shake, boogie, sing a long, throw parties, or generally enjoy music,you'll find true love in Lord Mouse and his rag tag team. There's nothing quite like it out there right now. Bottom line: Calypso revivalists mix humor and wit with tight compositions and melodies. This is a highly recommended album."

John Powell, Angelica Music

"Setting out to revive a genre is no easy task, but there's strength in numbers; the band has 18 members from France, Russia, U.S., Poland, Italy, England, and Germany. There's a horn section, rhythm section, two percussionists, a ukulele, and the Kalypso Katz, six girls who coyly sing and dance, keeping the shows lively and fun. Mark Wixom from upstate New York plays bass in the band. "This horn section out front and the ladies singing and dancing, just everything around the lead vocals, that's kind of what I really enjoy about playing with them."

Anouschka Pearlmann, NPR

"As usual, the music always prevails over mere humans, and the feel of a large ensemble, pronouncedly in the sweet-floozy eye-candy six-woman backing chorus, is tailor-made for the oft exuberant tracks."

Mark S. Tucker, acousticmusic.com

"If you're not grinning while litening to thes guys and gals, better check your pulse."

globalagogo.com May 2013

"The highly-danceable music is edgy, moving, and inspirational. Calypso fusion is a rather narrow niche genre characterization. Still, Lord Mouse & Company have no problem finding that niche and making it work. A large German fan base will be expanding around the world as the calypso fever catches on. It is impossible to not like this music."

Matthew Forss, insideworldmusic.blogspot.com July 2013


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