Mahmoud Fadl - Umm Kalthum 7000


"Umm Kalthum 7000" - Mahmoud Fadl

Mahmoud Fadl - Umm Kalthum 7000

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  • Artist:Mahmoud Fadl
  • featured artist:Salwa Abou Greisha
  • region:Orient
  • release year:2000
  • style(s):
    • Arabic
    • Classical
  • country:Egypt
  • catalogue numberPIR1470
  • formats:
    • CD

Welcome to the 7th Millenium as seen from the mother ("umm") of all cities. Welcome to the mother of all singers: Umm Kalthum (1902-1975), bigger in the arab speaking world than Maria Callas and Elvis Presley in the West put together. Welcome to the world of master drummer Mahmoud Fadl, as he pays tribute to the eternal Diva, 25 years after her death - and the biggest funeral ever seen in Cairo. Umm Kalthum 7000 packs a full complement of young instrumentalists from the Cairo Opera who live and breathe the music of the divine Umm, and welcomes the outstanding Salwa Abou Greisha as the featured vocalist.


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