Marko Markovic Brass Band - Gypsy Rege / Leskovacka Rumba


"Gypsy Rege / Leskovacka Rumba" - Marko Markovic Brass Band

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  • Artist:Marko Markovic Brass Band
  • release year:2017
  • style(s):
    • Balkan
    • Brass
  • country:Serbia
  • catalogue numberPIR3062
  • formats:
    • Online only

OUT ON 26 MAY 2017!

The family saga continues – Marko Markovic Brass Band – Single releases


He's not the tender, slender boy anymore – he's now a full-grown man. Marko Markovic finally waved his and his father's Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra goodbye – and there you have Balkan brass' next generation – the Marko Markovic Brass Band and its first single releases: "Gypsy Rege" / "Leskovacka Rumba".

Two tasters of the things to come – sporting all the classic Balkan brass qualities: centuries old folk heritage, high-speed virtuosity, funky arrangements. And add on top of that everything that’s new and trendy under the younger generation's sun – a subtle reggae riddim, the quicksilver suppleness of international rumba, unrelenting disco beats and smooth state of the art sound design.

It's party time in the global village.

Everybody gather.

And dance!


"My son marko is now better than me"

Boban Markovic (Feb 2010)

"Marko’s most important gift to the funky brass bunch has been that of modernisation, which has kept them relevant and steered them towards working with dance producers and including newer rhythms."

BBC (2012)

"It’s the new sound of Balkan Brass"

World Music News Qire (2013)


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