Mercan Dede, Jadranka Stojakovic & more - Sevdalinka


"Sevdalinka" - Mercan Dede, Jadranka Stojakovic & more

Mercan Dede, Jadranka Stojakovic & more - "Sevdalinka - Sarajevo Love Songs"

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  • Artist:Mercan Dede, Jadranka Stojakovic & more
  • region:Gypsy and Balkan
  • release year:2007
  • style(s):
    • Balkan
    • Oriental
  • country:Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • catalogue numberPIR2113
  • formats:
    • CD

Sevdalinka is the musical expression of the Bosnian soul. The name derives from the Turkish word "Sevdah", denoting "longing" or "amorous yearning". It reflects centuries of turbulent history and the meetings of Oriental and Slavic cultures, growing from the influences brought by itinerant musicians of varied origins and carrying with it the hopes and dreams of generations of Bosnians. This album is a celebration of this great tradition interpreted by an array of international artists, each inspired in their own way by the spirit of Sevdalinka. With roots in the meetings of Sephardic, Islamic and Slavic cultures over centuries, it tells a thousand and one stories of love and longing and the pain of our transient existence. This collection brings together some of the great names of Sevdalinka with an array of international artists inspired by the "Bosnian Blues" in a soothing and moving mix of classic and modern interpretations.

Artist Infos

The artists on this collection have been brought together by the young Sarajevo label Yaman in cooperation with the local Goethe-Institut. It brings together a host of international artists to pay tribute to the sound of Bosnian soul:

Turkish born Mercan Dede aka DJ Arkin Allen, known for his musical bridge building between Turkish Sufism and Western electronica, is teamed with popular Bosnian singer Zerina Cokoja.

Avdo Lemes from Sarajevo has dedicated himself to seeking out and interpreting Sevdalinka songs to keep alive the traditional art of singing. He is joined by Bulgarian kaval maestro Theodor Spassov.

Sarajevo-born saz player, guitarist and singer Jadranka Stojakovic now lives in Japan where she performs and records with Japanese musicians. She is joined here by the duo of Natsuko Kido and Naoki Kita.

Quatro Bassi brings together four well-known bassists from Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia.

Muammer Ketencoglu from Izmir in Turkey, is not only a master of the accordion but also an internationally recognised expert on Greek Rembetiko and Balkan music.

VesnaHadzic is considered to be one of the finest female Sevdalinka interpreters.
Guitar duo Damir Imamovic and Vlatko Stefanovski bring Jazz and Blues influences to the traditional repertoire.

Miroslav Tadic, Serbian born guitarist extraordinaire has carved himself an international reputation with his solo projects and work with Terry Riley, Djivan Gasparyan, Markus Stockhausen, Jack Bruce and many others.

German-born Jazz pianist Markus Burger and Jazz saxophonist team up to improvise on a Sevdalinka theme.

Omer Pobric is one of the great figures of Sevdalinka music, as instrumentalist, researcher and founder of the “Institut Sevdaha” in Sarajevo.

Emina Zecaj is the Grande Dame of today’s Sevdalinka music. Now in her seventies, she has collected hundreds of Sevdalinka songs in her lifetime and still performs them in the traditional style with her powerful voice accompanied just by saz, played by her long-time partner, Mehmed Gribajcevic.


"This project, initiated by the Sarajevo label Yaman, is not backward looking, but about taking what's valuable from an old and in this case threatened tradition and making viable and beautiful new music out of it. It's also a demonstration of how great music has always been a product of cultural interchange. A Piranha triumph"

Songlines / Simon Broughton

"An until now undiscovered side of Sevdalinka music! All the musicians have added their own unique touch."

City Review Magazine, Sarajevo

"One of the most innovative and bold Sevdalinka projects!"

RadioMultikulti, Berlin

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