A personal note - In the memory of Gash Ayele Mamo


A personal note - In the memory of Gash Ayele Mamo

It is with great sadness that we heard the news about Gash Ayele Mamo. He has been a great musician and a gentle person that we had the honor to have worked with on our Afropentatonism album.

Here, we would like to share a personal note from Alhousseini Anivolla on their common musical memories:

"When we started the Afropentatonism project in 2018, Girum invited Ayele to take part. I remember well the evening at the Italian cultural center in Addis Ababa when we all gathered for the first concert together. Ayele came quietly to the other musicians and took his place on the stage, from the small instrument case he took his mahogany-colored mandolin. He didn't speak much, the more overwhelming was his music, his solo, with which he enriched the song "Tamadrite Nakal". Even after the concert he didn't speak much, but said goodbye respectfully. He, a veteran of Ethiopian music, paid homage to our project with his presence and did so with a humility that distinguished him from many other musicians. We were happy to see him again in April 2019 at the airport in Addis Ababa. We were on the way to Djibouti and had arranged to meet all the musicians there. We saw him with his little mandolin case, his head covered with the fine little straw hat. He was waiting for us and was visibly pleased when he saw us. It was two unforgettable weeks in April 2019 that we shared. In the morning he was the first to stand ready for rehearsals, he was the first to leave for the concert with the small suitcase, he was always there, always correct and always so calm. A pleasant travel companion, always satisfied. He enjoyed our trip, made jokes with the other musicians, with Misalle or Habtamu, who could have been his grandchildren. So easy and joyful in conversation. A real joking relationship. We understood each other without sharing the same language. It was the music and their similar attitude. Together we traveled to Nairobi. His mandolin playing and his presence on stage played a big part in the magic of the evening at the Alliance Francaise. And so we were able to record his mandolin playing on CD. The magic now for eternity. We are grateful for these great moments that we were able to share with Ayele. His musical legacy will live on in us. His soul should rest in peace."

Alhousseini Mohammed Anivolla

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