'Cosmonautix concert at Kaffee Burger Berlin'


'Cosmonautix concert at Kaffee Burger Berlin'

The concert was very pushing, entertaining and absolutely danceable! The audience was hot, sweaty and cheerful!
From synchronous dance interludes of the crew to a dancing audience to stage diving of captain Morgan Nickolay (Balalaika / Lead Vocals)... indeed! The show was a big hit!

Unfortunately Cosmonautix announced that one member will leave – Ruben Wilschenko (Ampere-Violin / Backing Vocals), the 'First Officer' of the cosmonauts, who has served Cosmonautix well since 2005. We are curious whether Cosmonautix will enrich their crew with a new member or diminish in size into a three member band. In any case Cosmonautix will fill the universe successfully with sound!

So check out on YouTube the last concert of Cosmonautix in their original lineup, performing the song 'Marusia'.


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