Mario Lucio & Simentera - Wassermusik Black Atlantic


Mario Lucio & Simentera - Wassermusik Black Atlantic

In the 1990s, Piraha recording artist Mario Lucio and his band Simentera used electronics and acoustic guitar to expand musical forms like traditional Cape Verdean morna, the Brazilian, Latin American and Haitian-inspired coladeira, or the funaná sound that was the soundtrack of the former Portuguese colony’s independence.

Also active as a painter and writer, lawyer and politician, the composer thus brought about a paradigm shift in the regional music scene that also created international ripples. Before their breakup in 2005, Simentera recorded four albums and also worked behind the scenes for the local culture.

After Lucio recently revealed the transcontinental links of funaná to Cuba and Haiti and explored the socio-political dimension of the genre with his solo album Funanight, Simentera’s return to the stage now offers the opportunity for a renewed survey.

Mario Lucio & Simentera are coming to Berlin on July 26, hosted by HKW's Wassermusik / Black Atlantic concert series.

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