NEW RELEASE - ''Afropentatonism'' out on July 3


NEW RELEASE - ''Afropentatonism'' out on July 3

We are excited to release on our label the unique collaboration of Desert Blues man Alhousseini Anivolla from Niger and Girum Mezmur, Ethio Jazz guitarist from Addis Abeba, accompanied by their pan-African All-Star band.

Their new album 'Afropentatonism' fuses some of the most intriguing art of these two musicians respective cultures. The desert blues of Sahara's nomadic tribes meet the vibrant music scene of Addis Abeba and its Ethio Jazz heritage, creating a blend of repetitive grooves, hypnotic jams and raw guitar sounds – all amidst the laid-back vocals of Alhousseini, who sings in his native tongue Tamashek.

Moreover, as artists who hold a global mic, for Alhousseini and Girum this project is their way to speak about their cultural heritage and promote artistic exchange between their countries, something that has been rather difficult in recent years. In its essence, ‘Afropentatonism' is as much about music as it is about friendship, learning and common creation.

Afropentatonism will be out on July 03 and it will be available on 180g vinyl, CD and digitally.


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