Out on Piranha - Ali Hassan Kuban Remix


Out on Piranha - Ali Hassan Kuban Remix

Following our latest reissue of Ali Hassan Kuban’s 1989 "From Nubia To Cairo" release, the Berlin-based collective aJan, known for their seamless syntheses of Electronic and traditional music, are now here to demonstrate their new take on "Mabruk" (Congratulations).

The aJan Remix skips the extended brass intro of the original track and dips right into the infectious Oud sounds that make the tune so danceable, condensing the six-minute wedding stomper to three ecstatic minutes. Adding tasteful House beats and subtle synth sounds while retaining the vibe of the original, aJan have created a new kind of party mover and shaker for DJs and casual listeners alike.

Play it at a wedding or play it at a club. But do play it loud.


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