Pick of the Week - For all Music and Berlin lovers


Pick of the Week - For all Music and Berlin lovers

This week we present to you some of the top music events happening all around the city of Berlin. It doesn't matter in what mood you are - we are sure you'll find something exciting for your musical evenings in the lines to come!

Monday 10th of October
The Omniversal Earkestra
This fourteen-man jazz monster transforms each regular Monday into a playful improvisation that lies between Duke Ellington's tropical soundscapes, Charles Mingus's furious poems, Thelonious Monks' dreams, and Sun Ra's spiritual conception of music. An intense awakening of your senses that you don't want to miss!
Genre: Jazz // Where: J.K, am Ende des Schleusenufers // When: 21:00
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Tuesday 11th of October
This is not sanitized music for the feelgood market. This is the real deal, stripped down to its essentials - stringent repetitiveness meets rhythmic complexity. The group will present their brand new album “Yermande" for the first time in Berlin - afterwards Dj Mark Ernestus will play some massive tunes alongside the Ndagga Rhythm Force Mcs.
Genre: Afrobeat // Where: HAU 2 // When: 20:00
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Oligarkh's crashing collages of sound, images and words draw from disparate musical and visual sources to create surreal juxtapositions of contemporary urban culture, deep folk memory and decades of popular expressions of the national character. Oligarkh are part of the WOMEX 16 OFFICIAL SHOWCASE SELECTION.
Genre: folk, trap, rap, electronic // Where: Hangar 49 // When: 21:00
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Wednesday 12th of October
The URBAN BASE- AFTER SUNset Jam Session & Open Mic
The Urban Base is a Collective created to help bring international exposure to some of Berlin's finest talents through all of the urban arts and culture. The AFTER SUNset Jam Session & Open Mic is a series of events hosted by the Urban Base community at the Greenhouse Berlin - highly recommended.
Genre: Various // Where: The Greenhouse // When: 21:00
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Friday 14th of October
Aly Keïta & The Magic Balafon
Aly Keïta fuses virtuoso balafon playing, oriented towards the traditional African repertoire, with Western jazz, gentle pop and African rhythms. A fascinating musical encounter, in which the Berlin based Aly, creates a connection between the traditional and the modern styles he explores with the balafon.
Genre: African, Jazz, Fusion // Where: Werkstatt Der Kulturen // When: 21:00
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Saturday 15th of October
Based in Brussels, the seven musicians of Azmari mix their influences to create a deep sound between Ethiogroove, Afrobeat and Psychfunk that will transport you to a vibrant experience close to a state of trance.
Genre: Psychfunk, Afrobeat, Ethiojazz // Where: Artistania // When: 22:00
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Sunday 16th of October
Hailu Mergia
XJAZZ presents Hailu Mergia - the major keyboardist star from Ethiopia. Together the trio explores the deep, liquid and hypnotic qualities of Hailu Mergia's music, while not forgetting to throw in some defty bits of funk now and then.
Genre: Funk, Jazz // Where: silent green Kulturquartier // When: 19:00
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© photo credits: Mark Ernestus’ NDAGGA RHYTHM FORCE

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