Piranha Goes Reeperbahn - 10 acts you shouldn't miss!


Piranha Goes Reeperbahn - 10 acts you shouldn't miss!

Reeperbahn Festival has been established as one of the most important meeting places for the music industry worldwide, and, of course - as the largest club festival in Germany.

This year Reeperbahn brings from the 21st - 24th of Septemeber, more than 700 events and 450 concerts spanning a range of genres in various locations around Hamburg’s Reeperbahn.

In order not to lose track of all the great things happening during those days, we decided to do our homework and gather some musical acts and concert tips - always in the Piranha spirit!


More than 30 years ago the band Tinariwen started in Tamanrasset in South Algeria. While their clothes were still traditionally Tuareg their music was a blend of Saharan nomadic folklore and western rock and pop music. Read more here.


He is a poet and a composer, he writes screenplays, works as an actor, is a video artist and, of course, Baloji is also a singer and rapper. Read more here.


Usually, brass bands are connected to New Orleans but they’re everywhere in the States, at every university of the country. They play a very important role in motivating the audience and the teams during football, baseball or basketball games. Read more here.


Gogol Bordello meets Pantera. That is a short but accurate description of Gasmac Gilmore. Founded in Vienna in 2002, the quartet around singer and guitarist Matthias Wick uses Balkan brass instruments like Goran Bregovic does. They call their ecstatic, sweeping sound a “musical swinger club”. Read more here.


Daring global dance music, that's what the stylish combo Bon Voyage Organisation is creating. They stumbled into each other in Orly, France, mixing sultry Asian sci-fi electro, contemporary black dancehall and a touch of Western pop tradition. Read more here.


Hip-hop from the Bavarian ghetto, which means the provincial regions of Southern Germany, delivers Dicht & Ergreifend. The quintett is hundred percent political. Thus its themes, from racism to boozing and the ever present narrowness of mind and life, are satirized with gorgeous irony and acrobatic language. Read more here.


He used to play in an indie band called “Die Kastrierten Philosophen”, he is a successful producer and he’s got an interest for ballet music: For seven years Matthias Arfmann has been working hard to rearrange the classics of European ballet music. Read more here.


Most of the time he lives in Whitehorse/Yukon, a Canadian province in the Northwest. Declan O’Donovan enjoys the silence while writing his songs. Canadian critics often compare the singer and pianist to Joe Henry and Tom Waits. O’Donovan not only shares his dark voice with the latter but also the way his songs are built: with harmonium, acoustic bass and a crooked piano. Read more here.


The music of young musician Samito sounds as if he had placed a shortwave receiver somewhere within. In his groovy pop songs there are traces of his childhood at Maputo/Mozambique, as well as the urban electro sounds of his longtime home in Montreal/Canada. Read more here.


Since his father played him the songs of American singer songwriter Paul Simon, Jake Isaac idolised the artist. But Jake Isaac is also a big fan of Afro-American musicians like the Temptations or Ray Charles. Read more here.

We hope to see you there!

© photo credits: Reeperbahn Festival


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