Piranha Goes Green * Piranha Artists on Naturstrom CD


Piranha Goes Green * Piranha Artists on Naturstrom CD

Piranha's latest 'special product' is a CD especially compiled for the green energy producer 'Naturstrom'. '100% Energie' is the name of the CD and it contains a fine mixture of 13 songs which are all related to the topic 'nature'. The selected artists come from both Piranha's label repertory and from others. You can find tracks by Dunkelbunt, Naked Raven, Willie Dunn, Devendra Banhart, Maurice El Medioni, Sonia Brex - just to name a few.

Green energy is an acute topic of which no one should turn his head off. Even more in regard to the tragedy in Japan happening these days!
We from Piranha say: do your part for clean energy and sign up with Naturstrom!

The CD is out now and is available as a limited edition on Naturstrom's online-shop on www.naturstrom.de


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