Piranha Musik Summer News


Piranha Musik Summer News

Maurice El Medioni
"Casablanca - Celebrating Sanctuary London and
Refugee Week" at the Victoria and Albert Museum
Fri, 22nd of June 2012, from 6pm to 10 pm,
free admission

With great pleasure we announce the participation
of PianOriental master Maurice El Medioni
in a first-time collaboration of Refugee Week
with the Victoria and Albert Museum
based around the film Casablanca, which
celebrates its 70th year.
The event will feature an acoustic music
fantasia, with three amazing reincarnations of
Sam in Rick's Cafe on three pianos placed around
the museum - featuring great Jewish Algerian
pianist Maurice El Medioni who had to flee his
home town of Oran as a refugee 50 Years ago and
could not be playing his legendary PianOriental
to his Judeo-Arab audience anymore.


Robert Soko is busy shooting one-two passes
like no other with his variety of international
BalkanBeats Parties, Selection and SoundLab

BalkanBeats on boat - Slavic Soul Party! with
DJ Robert Soko at Cabana Yacht, New York, NY
Sun, 24th of June from 6 pm cruise NY Harbor and
the East River, dance to glorious Balkan-inspired
music, and enjoy drinks and amazing Balkan food.

New Remix by Robert Soko - "I like to Move it
(move it)" by Ukrainian Band is a ral goalgetter
on the dancefloor and was chosen as key song for
the European Soccer Championship 2012 in German
TV, no on demand by Motor Musik DJ Robert Soko
kicked the official Remix Version of the ground.


Frank London @ Glatt & Verkehrt
World Music Festival (Austria)
Sat, 30th of june 2012, from 4pm to 10 pm,
Schiffsstation Krems/Stein

Enjoy a very special kind of world-musical
cruise on the Wachau river in shiker
klezmorim style with Frank London and
more high-class Brass Sounds on board


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