Prince already left the building - An alternative tribute


Prince already left the building - An alternative tribute

Many farewells have been sung around the world these days in churches, bars and all kind of spaces inbetween in honor of the legendary musician who choose his elevator to leave us for good. One of them happened spontaneously in a Frankfurt subway. Have a look.

Heidi Joubert & Anna Guder - Prince cover Kiss

Apart from being a master in both music and style, Prince was also a true innovator, fighting the evil powers in the music industry and trying our many different ways to disseminate his music à la mode do-it-yourself. Without doubt Prince was one of the most uniquely gifted artists of our time. Like Michael Jackson, who was born in the same year, he understood very successfully to build bridges between black and white music traditions. Strangely enough both were Jehovah’s witnesses, which is hard to believe in the case of Prince, as he taught us so many sweet things about how to walk on the wild side.

© photo credits: Richard E. Aaron


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