Salamat's music - in ''4 Blocks''


Salamat's music - in ''4 Blocks''

Piranha in the movies, once again! Our beloved artist Mahmoud Fadl and his Nubian all-star ensemble Salamat are featured with their song ''Om Ul Khair'' in the German drama series ''4 Blocks''.

Born in 1955, Mahmoud Fadl is the descendant of a Nubian family rooted in the griot culture of the Battikol people. He was raised in the Egyptian cities of Aswan and Cairo and started his musical career as a musician and limbo dancer for Nubian and Arabic wedding celebrations. His outstanding talent for percussion soon made him a much sought-after musician for top Arabic orchestras and singers such as Ahmed Adawia and Nubian soul legend Ali Hassan Kuban. With his project Salamat they have set the tradimodern pace - a revitalization of traditions which were united for thousands of years but became separated when the sound of the Nubian minority was transported to the teeming Cairo metropolis and gained soulful brasses and fascinating polyrhythmic grooves.

‘’4 Blocks’’ tells the story of a crime- scene leader based in Berlin, who wants to leave his old life behind for the sake of his family but, as expected, it is not that simple. It has received critical acclaim in Germany and has won multiple domestic awards, including six German Television Awards (Deutscher Fernsehpreis) for Best Drama Series, Best Actor and Best Director.

Berlin has always been a melting pot for cultures and people and we are glad to see Salamat featured in a series in which one of the main roles is hold by the city itself.

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