Stella Chiweshe - at Living In A Box


Stella Chiweshe - at Living In A Box

Our beloved Stella Chiweshe - the queen of Mbira music from Zimbabwe - gave an enthralling, highly spiritual performance as part of LIVING IN A BOX, a curated series of concerts by and Club GRETCHEN.

Born in Mujumi Village in 1946, Stella Rambisai Chiweshe Nekati began her career as a singer and playing the mbira dzavadzimu (voice of the ancestors). When she started to play the classic Zimbabwean thumb-piano in the mid-sixties, it was still practically reserved for male players. The mbira is a medium for playing songs handed down from generation to generation for centuries, songs of liberation, spiritual experience and social commentary, songs used for maintaining contact with the spirits of the Shona people. Today, Stella stands as one of the most enduring and successful women activists in African music, with a plethora of compellingly enchanting music both played and recorded.

Watch her performance at LIVING IN A BOX below:

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