The Cassettes are Back! - And becoming cool again


The Cassettes are Back! - And becoming cool again

The cassette tape is rewinding back into our everyday lives following the big success of the LPs.

If we go back to the '90s for a moment - one of the forgotten gestures that characterized that period is undoubtedly the one of pressing the cassette player's "play" "stop" "forward" buttons to go through an audio tape's songs. If you know the connection between a cassette and a pen then, you easily can recollect the attempt of rewiring a tape gone awry by putting a pen inside the cassette hole.

As with the Vinyl, there is definitely a romanticism to the experience of audio tapes that a CD or MP3 file cannot easily replace.

We keep that romanticism and make some of our Limited-Edition cassettes available again in stock!

Check out:
Ali Hassan Kuban's "Walk Like A Nubian", The Klezmatics' "Jews With Horns", The Klezmatics' Rhythm & Jews, Stella Chiweshe's "Kumusha", Jalilah's Raks Sharki 1, Jalilah's Raks Sharki 2: Amar 14

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