The Klezmatics - LIVE at Synagoge Rykestraße


The Klezmatics - LIVE at Synagoge Rykestraße

Mark your calendars! The Klezmatics, one of our most beloved bands, are coming in town! On November 13, the Rykestrasse Synagogue will be hosting their klezmer tunes and beats.

The Klezmatics met in 1986 in Manhattan. They gained broad recognitions beyond the New York scene after performing at Berlin’s Heimatklänge Festival in 1988 and a year later they recoded their debut album Shvaygn = toyt with Piranha. Their music is deeply rooted in Jewish spiritualism and Eastern European tradition while incorporating musical influences from Arab to African and Balkan to gospel. In their numerous releases the last 30 years they have created a provocative, reflective, and ecstatic music and they have touched topics such as social rights and anti-fundamentalism.

So save the date, now once again the Klezmatics are visiting our city for a unique concert!

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