The Socalled Movie * US premiere @ SXSW


The Socalled Movie * US premiere @ SXSW

The National Film Board of Canada has partnered with YouTube for the US premiere of the feature-length documentary film, The "Socalled" Movie in the U.S, starting March 16 during SXSW. Canadian musician, Socalled, whose debut music video garnered over 2M views on YouTube, is the subjects of the film and will also be performing at the festival on the 16th.

SXSW Film Closing/ Music Opening Party 3.16.10, Co-Hosted by YouTube and VH1

Maggie Mae's
323 E. 6th Street
Austin, TX

Tuesday, March 16
9pm- 1am
Socalled live performance @ 10PM

Socalled @ Piranha:

Click Here To See The "Socalled" Movie Trailer

The Movie shows Socalled introducing funk trombone legend Fred Wesley (of James Brown fame) to klezmer music, while wowing Wesley with his knowledge of funk. When Dolgin comes across LP's from the 1950's by lounge pianist Irving Fields, he looks up 94-year-old Fields and inspires him to pen a new hit song.

Socalled defies category and refuses limitations. The "Socalled" Movie examines his energy from all angles and transmits the urgent creative spark to everyone watching: now's your chance - go out there and make something!

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