Watcha Clan's music - in ''Elephant to India'' documentary


Watcha Clan's music - in ''Elephant to India'' documentary

Piranha in the movies, once again! Watcha Clan's ''Balkan Qoulou'', out of their album "Diaspora Hi-Fi - A Mediterranean Caravan'', embarked on a journey with another kind of caravan - the one described in the ''Elephant to India'' documentary.

The film describes the long voyage of the three adventurers, 20.105 kilometers from Berlin via Vienna to Goa in India. Riding their bright red Vespas and with a sky-blue elephant in their luggage, they want to reach their distant destination in the tropics, going through the Balkans, Turkey, Central Asia, China and Nepal with a budget of just forty euros a day for everything and everyone!

Watcha Clan are true musical nomads, as well! Their collective assumption is that of the musics of the world being scattered around the globe continually – like the languages of the world when the tower of Babel was destroyed. As a result, the diaspora is always in the music just as the music is always in the diaspora – one big Radio Babel broadcasting all kinds of melting-pot sounds continually.

For your ears only - listen to ''Balkan Qoulou'' and the best of Piranha's Watcha Clan!

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