Nikos Papazoglou - Anthologia


"Anthologia" - Nikos Papazoglou

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  • Artist:Nikos Papazoglou
  • release year:1994
  • style(s):
    • Greek
  • country:Greece
  • catalogue number PIR38
  • formats:
    • CD

Nikos Papazoglou was one of the most outstanding and most impressive artists on the Grekk scene being an extraordinary singer, composer, arranger, lyricist, producer and soundengineer. His compositions are rootedin the tradition of Rembetiko music, its expressive form being the starting point from where he develops his songs, reinterpreting the tradition and reaching beyond stereotypes of style and content.

"I was lucky to sing very good songs, songs which I have in high esteem and which I will never get bored of. The good songs are those which live forever, which you don't care how long ago they were made. Folk music is like grandmother's trunk: a never-ending source of new discoveries!"

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