Oliver Mtukudzi - Shoko


"Shoko" - Oliver Mtukudzi


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  • Artist:Oliver Mtukudzi
  • region:Africa
  • release year:1991
  • style(s):
    • Soul
  • country:Zimbabwe
  • catalogue numberPIR30
  • formats:
    • CD

"It is difficult to say what type of music I play. I don`t stand for one type of music. What counts is the message and the beat. I have tried to combine some of the beats which are the true, free expressions of Zimbabweans from each region where that kind of music is sung and danced in order to make a national rhythm."
Oliver Mtukudzi

The giant of Zimbabwean music has released to date 65 albums and this one is a very special one. His first ever release on compact disc, this recording captures "Tuku" at a pivotal time in his career. In 1990, already a star in Zimbabwe but little known internationally, he came to Berlin to perform at the Heimatklänge "Beat! Apartheid" festival. Following his wildly successful performances, PIRANHA commissioned this album, containing re-workings of some his greatest hits and new songs, always topical and full of wisdom.

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