Salamat - Mambo El Soudani


"Mambo El Soudani" - Salamat


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  • Artist:Salamat
  • region:Orient
  • release year:1994
  • style(s):
    • Egyptian
    • Nubian
  • country:Egypt
  • catalogue numberPIR31
  • formats:
    • CD

The last mambo in Sudan: Ever since the Assuan dam flooded the home country of the Nubian culture, the Nubian community has been forced to occupy both sides of the Egyptian-Sudan border and has been scattered in the diaspora. The group Salamat brings together traditions which had been affiliated for thousands of years but separated through recent history and transport the sound of the Nubian minority to the teeming Cairo metropolis with soulful brasses and fascinating polyrhythmic. Mambo El Soudani is a new dimension in Nubian music. Recorded and mixed in Cairo this original Piranha release features first time ever Nubian Al Jeel Music stars Salamat, formed by Mahmoud Fadl with Hassan Meky and Ahmed El Saidy of Ali Hassan Kubans Nubian Band and Fathi Abou Greisha and Salma Abd Rady on lead vocals. Al Jeel (the music of the young generation) at its best and proof of those old words from The Stories of 1001 Nights: On entering paradise you may hear the sound of nightingales and Nubian singers ...

Press Quotes

"Simply marvellous."
Dirty Linnen

"Mambo the night away in Cairo? Believe it!"
Irresistible Rhythms

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