Sin Palabras - House Of Drums


"House Of Drums" - Sin Palabras


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  • Artist:Sin Palabras
  • featured artist:Tambor de Firmin, Proyecto F
  • region:Latin
  • release year:1998
  • style(s):
    • Cuban
    • House
  • country:Cuba
  • catalogue number PIR1259
  • formats:
    • CD

The embargo has been lifted and the cultural exchange can commence: "House of Drums" presents a funky clash of traditional Yoruba chants with steadfast Rap tirades, Afro-Cuban rhythms and modern house beats. This is the Havana, which the local radio stations with their hyped up salsa mixes will never show. The Africanism of traditional Santéria, the strong Yoruba chants underpinned by turntables and keyboard... all backed by 2 vituoso Cuban percussionists, ... a hot prospect for sure! A co-production by European dance DJs with the Cuban percussion collective Tambor de Firmin and the young rappers from Proyecto F. 100% Havana - primeval and forward-looking, and with no empty words. And it’s 'Sin Palabras' because, as we all know, talk is silver but rap is gold!


"Does Cuban music has a life beyond Buena Vista? Of course it has. The young heart of Havana beats to hip hop and techno and Sin Palabras is one of the scene's driving forces.Founded in 1996 by French radio DJ Jean Claude Gué, SIN PALABRAS combines electronic DJ technology with the sacred Santería sounds of timbales, batas and congas. [...] World? Dance? Techno? It is all of this at the same time. It stirs, burns, bothers, makes you want furiously to move"

Dimitri Friedman

"Interesting sound mix: the electronic stuff spread across the background, with the acoustic drums and voices in front. Acoustic/electronic mixes aren't easy and this is a neat way to do it"


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