Stella Chiweshe - Kumusha


"Kumusha" - Stella Chiweshe


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  • Artist:Stella Chiweshe
  • region:Africa
  • release year:1991
  • style(s):
    • Roots
    • Tribal
  • country:Zimbabwe
  • catalogue numberPIR42
  • formats:
    • Cassette
    • CD

Zimbabwe's foremost Mbira player, Stella Rambisai Chiweshe - "The Queen of Mbira" - blends haunting mbira lines with percussion and call & response singing behind her evocative vocals. She sings and plays songs of liberation, spiritual experience and social commentary. The effect is otherworldly and mesmerizing. Although the haunting thumb-piano known as mbira - or sanza or kalimba - is found in many parts of Africa, Zimbabwe is the source of perhaps the richest mbira traditions - a thousand years of music.
With her innovative but tradionial approach to Mbiramusic and her mesmerizing stage presence and voice, Stella Rimbasai Chiweshe stands as one of the most original artists in Zimbabwe today where she is called "Ambuya Chinyakare" ("Grand-Mother of Pure Music").

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