Susan Bauer - Von der Khupe zum Klezkamp


"Von der Khupe zum Klezkamp" - Susan Bauer


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  • Artist:Susan Bauer
  • region:Jewish
  • release year:1999
  • style(s):
    • Jewish
    • Klezmer
  • country:USA
  • catalogue numberPIR1362
  • formats:
    • Book
    • CD

Everything you wanted to know about Klezmer music but were afraid to ask: The music ethnologist Susan Bauer tells all. The development of Klezmer from the rural mountain villages in eastern Europe to New Yorker clubs. This explanatory booklet "From Khupe to Klezkamp" is both an ideal introduction and a handy reference book containing a series of portraits of the most important figures in this music genre as well as a detailed bibliography for further reading. The booklet comes with a CD with a selection of classical and modern Klezmer compositions.
The book is in German only!

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