The Klezmatics - Brother Moses Smote the Water


"Brother Moses Smote the Water" - The Klezmatics

The Klezmatics with Joshua Nelson & Kathryn Farmer

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  • Artist:The Klezmatics
  • featured artist:with Joshua Nelson & Kathryn Farmer
  • region:Jewish
  • release year:2005
  • style(s):
    • Gospel
    • Klezmer
  • country:USA
  • catalogue numberPIR1896
  • formats:
    • CD

Klezmer meets Gospel: the one and only Klezmatics, with renowned gospel artists Joshua Nelson and Kathryn Farmer, breathe new life into songs, from both the Jewish and African-American heritage to tell a magnificent story of inspiration and social action, while weaving a revelatory dialogue between cultures and musical styles. Their first LIVE album, recorded during the HeimatKlänge @ MuseumsInselFestival in Berlin, Germany, includes 8 new and 2 classic songs of "the best klezmer band in the world".


"The entire band pitches in vocally on several cuts to great effect, particularly on a cheerful a capella `Moses Smote the Water´, and the instrumental contributions from the `Matics are superb as usual, with particular garlands due Matt Darriau´s reeds. A pure delight from start to finish."

Songlines, March/April 2005

"One spiritual transformation after another... makes being black and Jewish seem as obvious and natural as matzo." "

John Szwed, The Village Voice, New York

"A moving summit of African-American, Jewish worker's, spiritual and festive songs."

Peter Müller, Berliner Morgenpost


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