The Klezmatics - Rise Up!


"Rise Up!" - The Klezmatics


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  • Artist:The Klezmatics
  • region:Jewish
  • release year:2003
  • style(s):
    • Jazz
    • Klezmer
  • country:USA
  • catalogue numberPIR1686
  • formats:
    • CD

TOP 10 of the World Music Charts Europe (June 2003)

From ecstatic songs of praise to Yiddish carnival songs, from a kick-ass workers' march to slamming Klezmer tunes old, new, frantic and mysterious, The Klezmatics rise up once again on what may be the musical feast of their 17-year career.
Rock Paper Scissors
The world's most acclaimed Yiddish music band doing what they do best. Rise up! Shteyt oyf! is a collection of 15 new Klezmatics tracks. Ancestral melodies, love songs of heart-breaking beauty, songs for the next WTO protest - music of strength, passion, anthemic grandeur, and an ecstatic Jewish dance party. Includes "I Ain't Afraid", a prophetic statement about the insanity of fanaticism from the pen of Holly Near, spiritual mother of Women's Music. Be not afraid! Rise Up!


"A rather apocalyptic collection, it's the Klezmatic's fifth album in a mere 17 years. Quasi-hysterical, occasionally melancholy, usually Yiddish, this aftermath-of-the twin-towers look at the world we currently live in also includes what would have been termed, in earlier less-enlightened time, a Negro spiritual. Somewhat less breakneck than usual, doubtless given the underlying backdrop, it's fine, musicianly stuff as they wear their collective heart on their sleeves and fiddle as the world goes to hell in a handcart."


"Rise Up! confirms the Klezmatics' status, since their 1986 founding, as one of the most innovative and provocative voices of klezmer and avant-garde Jewish music."


"These New York oddballs are certainly the world's most exciting klezmer band, but this album proves that klezmer is only a fraction of what they do well... This is jaunty, silly, spiritual, experimental, faintly ridiculous and jolly good fun."

John Lewis

"The 2003 release of the (much delayed and finally here!) 2002 recording by Klezmatics is a milestone for them, a richly fulfilled collections of songs both beautiful and dangerous, a fitting observation and critique to the new world order of the 21st Century as well as one of the best new Jewish recordings to hit the street in a while."

CD Roots

"Well, I think the Klezmatics here created a perfectly nice piece of music, and I think it's fun and beautiful to listen to, and I'll listen to it a lot."



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