The Klezmatics - Tuml=Lebn


"Tuml=Lebn" - The Klezmatics

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  • Artist:The Klezmatics
  • region:Jewish
  • release year:2008
  • style(s):
    • Klezmer
  • country:USA
  • catalogue numberPIR2233
  • formats:
    • CD

A World Music Charts Europe top album for 2008

A celebration of 20 years of creative, collective innovation, "Tuml = Lebn" presents the most outstanding output of The Klezmatics' oeuvre.

Formed in New York in 1986 the group made their international debut two years later at the "Heimatklänge" Festival in Berlin's Tempodrom, bringing a musical culture, with ancient origins in east European tradition, back from New York to Berlin. Since then they have performed in over 20 countries and released numerous albums of wild, provocative, reflective and ecstatically danceable songs.
Their music is one steeped in Jewish spiritualism and Eastern European tradition while incorporating more provocative themes such as social rights and anti-fundamentalism with eclectic musical influences such as gospel, punk, and Arab, African and Balkan rhythms.

But the incorporation of nearly all types of contemporary music is not their only trademark. It's also their repertoire of songs. They repeatedly surprise their audiences with formerly unknown Jewish songs of traditional origins alongside fresh compositions set to original texts by contemporary poets such as Michael Wex. Their powerfully diverse collaborative repertoire radically dispels the notion of pigeonholing music. The Klezmatics have made a career out of breaking down musical barriers, fully embracing klezmer and their Jewishness, while using these same essential spiritual, historical, and cultural foundations as a springboard to ambitious new musical hybrids.

The Klezmatics' Best of "Tuml = Lebn" contains 16 timeless songs selected from all their albums released by Piranha Musik since 1988.


"Die Klezmatics sind, schon jedes Mitglied für sich, Meister ihres Instruments, und als Ensemble absolut umwerfend.", Michael Frost, 19.10.2008

"If you can hear this music and not see God, you are fucking blind!"

Robin Williams

"Through this compilation, it is possible to realize how much the klezmatics have really done for the development of the klezmer music. Hopefully they'll keep it up!"


"The musical spectrum of the Klezmatics streaches from polka to punk, folk, gypsy brass, oriental -flavored dance, tango, jazz and gospel. These are the ingredients for their wild, capricious, lusty klezmer vision. The Klezmatics are, each of them, masters of their instruments and as an ensemble they are absolutly stunning."


"With their exuberant temperaments, the Klezmatics fulfill the description of them made by the American beat- poet Allen Ginsberg, who characterized them as “exquisite professional musicians, sprightly brilliant tuneful funny outrageous and sweet"

Rheinischer Merkur

"Es ist pure Lebensfreude, die das Stück "NY Psycho Freylekhs" verkörpert, mit dem die Klezmatics ihre Sammlung der besten Stücke aus zwanzig Jahren eröffnen. Und auch wenn besinnlichere Stücke nicht fehlen, hat die New Yorker Gruppe vornehmlich fröhlich wirkende Stücke ausgewählt."

Der, 15.02.2010


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