Various Artists - Soundtrip Series


Soundtrip Argentina
  • country:Bahrain
  • region:Africa
  • style(s):
    • Persian Classical
  • label:Piranha Arts AG
  • type: Band, Solist, Composer/Songwriter, DJ/Remixer
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal

The soundtrip series is a cooperative project between Piranha Musik and Reise Know-How Publishers.

Soundtrip audio CDs are dedicated to both travellers and musiclovers and are designed to give acoustic impressions of different countries. Just like a traveller's experience, the soundtrip CDs are like a musical discovery, presenting typical sounds and styles wrapped up in traditional or modern genres.

An experienced, established leader in the field of travel guide publication, Reise Know-How approached us to assist them in putting together compilations to mirror the current musical landscape in various regions. The series, which will continue for years to come, begins with 10 beautifully packaged CDs introducing listeners to the aural atmospheres of Argentina, Australia, the Balkans, China, Finland, Japan, Cuba, North Africa, northeast Brazil and Switzerland.

Available at bookshops in German-speaking countries, soundtrip CDs can be found in special display cases placed near the Reise Know-How travel guide series.


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