Virginia Mukwesha - Farai


"Farai" - Virginia Mukwesha

Virginia Mukwesha - Farai cover

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  • Artist:Virginia Mukwesha
  • release year:1993
  • style(s):
    • Jit
  • country:Zimbabwe
  • catalogue numberPIR46
  • formats:
    • CD

Farai is the first album from Zimbabwe to exclusively feature the true Jiti rhythm. The songs on Farai present a dallas-like insight into the true rock and roll of Zimbamwe which is Jiti music. The sound of Virginia Mukwesha's jiti presents a melodious amplification of the jiti music: electric guitars and wooden marimbas and a drumkit are added to the original drums, rattles, handclaps and call & response vocals.

Farai literally means "Be Happy!" and that's what it is all about!


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