Watcha Clan - Hasnaduro & Im Nin'Alu remixes ep #2


"Hasnaduro & Im Nin'Alu remixes ep #2" - Watcha Clan

DJ Delay

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  • Artist:Watcha Clan
  • release year:2013
  • country:France
  • catalogue numberPIR2751
  • formats:
    • Online only


Watcha Clan‘s 2nd ep consists of 6 remixes of the two tracks “Hasnaduro“ & “Im Nin‘Alu“ with remixers from Belgrade, Cologne, the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, London, Rio de Janeiro and Melbourne.

Watcha Clan has been one of the most innovative music collectives for globally inspired grooves, always exploring new sounds from their inspirational headquarters in the melting pot of Marseille. Following their highly praised studio album “Radio Babel“, Watcha Clan will kick off a series of 3 digital only EPs created in an interactive process with their fan base and professional music colleagues all over the world.

On th 2nd ep top remixers like Shazalakazoo, Kosta Kostov, Dr Cat, Dr Das, Maga Bo and DJ Delay worked with Watcha Clan on both tracks, creating new fresh sounds without losing their originality and meaning. “Hasnaduro“ is one example of cultural convergence, standing for a merge of various styles from all over the world. „Im Nin‘Alu“ interprets a 17th century Hebrew poem by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi, made famous by the late Ofra Haza and giving a spark of heavenly hope: “If the doors of the wealthy are locked, the doors of Heaven will never be locked.“


Dr Das
“Ofra Haza‘s „Im Nin Alu“ is one of my favourite ever songs. When I heard Watcha Clan‘s version, I was particularly impressed by Sista K‘s fantastic vocal interpretation and straight away wanted to play a phat dub bass melody and add some dirt to the production. A real pleasure to work on.“

“We always like the idea of bringing together sounds of different cultures through our work. Therefore it was sincere fun to work on the remix of Watcha Clan`s „Hasnaduro“, a track where gnawa music meets kuduro in the pure clubby way with a hint of coupe-decale and even some Dutch house on top of it all.“

Dr Cat
“First time I heard Watcha Clan I knew I wanted to work with them. When I finally met with Clem at their London gig, one track was still ringing in my ears well after the gig was over, ”Hasnaduro”. I loved it so much, I had to remix it.“


"Impressive tracklist!"

-Tropical Bass Jan 2013-


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