Watcha Clan - Ziggurat FM Remixes #3 EP


"Ziggurat FM Remixes #3 EP" - Watcha Clan

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  • Artist:Watcha Clan
  • region:Special Projects
  • release year:2013
  • style(s):
    • Global Fusion
  • country:France
  • catalogue numberPIR2755
  • formats:
    • Online only

Global Fusion hits the electric dancefloor: Watcha Clan introduces us to the dancefloor with „Ziggurat FM“!

If you were to search for a band that combines drum-step with atmospheric sounds influenced by oriental and western culture, you will sooner or later encounter Watcha Clan. Since the release of last studio album, the well-received 'radio Babel' (Piranha Musik, 2011), the band have been working on a series of digital remix EPs, that were created together with their fans and befriended DJs and producers from around the globe.

The first two remix EPs, "We Are One Remixes EP" (Piranha Musik, October 2012) and "Hasnaduro - Im Nin'Alu Remixes EP" (Piranha Musik, January 2013), included original songs from the band and demonstrated the enormous variety of the Global Bass scene. Their latest remix EP, "Ziggurat FM" (Piranha Musik, June 2013), contains seven exclusive tracks, including "Tangos Del Cachito" by El Hijo de la Cumbia (Argentinia), an almost hardcore dub-step anthem by Spankbass of "Fever Is Rising" and a remix of their melancholic tune "Il Était Une Fois Dans L'est" by Transglobal Underground.

Those who expect this global fusion group to be a party band only are mistaken. They're one of the few acts that manages successfully to create music that invites us to dance as well as inspiring us with deep lyrics about topics the band genuinely cares about. The band stands for the fruitful exchange of cultures and nations, mirrored perfectly by the international collaborations on these remixes. Watcha Clan celebrates their own motto "We Are One" by crossing musical borders in any part of the world - from Germany to Israel, from Turkey to Argentina.

The Marseille-based 4-piece are fronted by vocalist Sista K. Sista K was born to an Ashkenazi Jewish Polish mother and a Sephardic Jewish Berber father, an Algerian independence fighter who was French before he was born (a 1870 decree gave French nationality to the Jewish population of Algeria). Her parents met in Israel but Sista K was born in the Bonne Mère district of Marseille. "Back then," she says, "in the northern quarters of Marseille, no-one cared about who was Jewish and who was Muslim. We all lived together, and life was always stimulating." As well as being influenced by the sounds and people of Marseille, the cosmopolitan singer took inspiration from the Eastern European melodies her mother sang to her when she was little.

Joined by a multi-cultural cast featuring producer/keyboardist/ accordion player Suprem Clem from the French Alps, bassist Matt Labesse from the island of Corsica, and vocalist/guitarist/ gumbri player Nassim Kouti from Oran in Algeria, connecting the European and Middle Eastern worlds has been the band's calling card for a decade now.


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