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Piranha Records & Publishing

is a branch of Piranha Arts, a company based in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The Piranha may be a small fish, but it makes its presence felt. As an independent company that publishes and releases music, Piranha may not be able to swallow the sharks, but it can easily bypass them by presenting extraordinary sounds, with a repertoire ranging from traditional to tradi-modern, from classical to hip hop and electro, with local directions ranging from Mozambique's capital Maputo to the otherworldly Romanian village of Zece Prajini. Piranha continues to be a significant player in the global underground music scene since 1987. The experience and expertise Piranha has gathered over the past 30 years has enabled it to master the challenges posed by the ever changing currents of the music industry.

Having music publishing as its central angle - Piranha, through its label services, aims to present Artists & Repertoire from around the world to the world, all in one stop.

Moreover, by using our live know-how, we can support our Piranha Recording & Publishing artists with complimentary bookings. We also support in curating stages, events, festivals & more - all on a non-exclusive basis and subject to agreement.

The core team includes Christoph Borkowsky (Director | A&R), Dimitra Zina (Communications | A&R), Luca Jacob (Film | Publishing), Mitko Miericke (Admin) and Henry Cleinow (Assistant).

If you want to present your music to Piranha...

...you should know that we like modern traditions by artists with a global outreach.

...the best way to share your work is to send your portfolio to us via email to records@piranha-arts.com. Please include your artist biography, photos and videos, your recent live circuit, some media reviews and various web links including Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook and/or YouTube.

Since we are a small team that receives many proposals, we are unable to take follow-up calls or send back any materials.

In case we like your music and see a chance to work together we will contact you.

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