The Piranha Publishing catalogue includes more than 1.200 titles from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe: elegant Tangos woven by classical cellists; big, sweaty, in-your-face Balkan Brass; spiritual themes from the Islamic or Jewish world; urban or traditional Africana; Eastern Jazz & more. Some of our foremost authors (artists) include Adrian Sical (Fanfare Ciocarlia), Frank London (The Klezmatics), Mulatu Astatke (Ethio Stars/Tukul Band) and more.

Our worldwide publishing repertoire rights are administered and protected by Schacht Musikverlage (SMV) and its set-up of companies and sub-publishing partners.

Piranha Publishing is one of the the 550 full members with all voting rights of GEMA. It's also member of the Deutscher Musikverlegerband DMV, the VUT Group of Independent Musikverlage and joins music supervisor sessions world wide regularly.

Schacht Musikverlage


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Angola: Bucks Music Group | Antigua & Barbuda: Bucks Music Group | Argentina: The Royalty Network | Armenia: Broma16 | Ascension Island: Bucks Music Group | Ashmore and Cartier Islands: Perfect Pitch Publishing | Australia: Perfect Pitch Publishing | Australian Antarctic Territory: Perfect Pitch Publishing | Azerbaijan: Broma16 | Bahamas: Bucks Music Group | Bangladesh: Bucks Music Group | Barbados: Bucks Music Group | Belarus: Broma16 | Belgium: Collect! Music Publishers | Belize: Bucks Music Group | Benin: Metisse Music | Bermuda: Bucks Music Group | Bolivia: The Royalty Network | Bosnien-Herzegowina: A-TEMPO VERLAG | Botswana: Sheer Publishing | Brazil: The Royalty Network | British Antarctic Territory: Bucks Music Group | British Indian Ocean Territory: Bucks Music Group | British Virgin Islands: Bucks Music Group | Brunei: Bucks Music Group | Burkina Faso: Metisse Music | Cambodia: Watanabe Music Publishing | Cameroon: Metisse Music | Canada: The Royalty Network | Cayman island: Bucks Music Group | Central African Republic: Metisse Music | Chad: Metisse Music | Channel Islands: Bucks Music Group | Chile: The Royalty Network | China: Bucks Music Group | Christmas Island: Perfect Pitch Publishing | Colombia: The Royalty Network | Congo: Metisse Music | Cook Islands: Perfect Pitch Publishing | Coral Sea Island Territories: Perfect Pitch Publishing | Côte d'Ivoire: Metisse Music | Cyprus: Bucks Music Group | Czech Republic: A-TEMPO VERLAG | Denmark: Edition Bjorlund | Diego Garcia Island: Bucks Music Group | Djibouti: Metisse Music | Dominica: Bucks Music Group | Ecuador: The Royalty Network | Egypt: Metisse Music | Estonia: Edition Bjorlund | Eswatini: Sheer Publishing Falkland Islands: Bucks Music Group | Faroe Islands: Edition Bjorlund | Fiji Islands: Perfect Pitch Publishing | Finland: Edition Bjorlund | France: Metisse Music | French Guiana: Metisse Music | French Polynesia: Metisse Music | French Guiana: Metisse Music | Gambia: Metisse Music | Georgia: Broma16 | Germany: Kemper Music Group | Ghana: Bucks Music Group | Gibraltar: Bucks Music Group | Greece: Musou Music Publishing | Greenland: Edition Bjorlund | Grenada: Bucks Music Group | Guadeloupe: Metisse Music | Guinea: Metisse Music | Guyana: The Royalty Network | Heard Island: Perfect Pitch Publishing | Hong Kong: Bucks Music Group | Hungary: A-TEMPO VERLAG | India: Bucks Music Group | Indonesia: Watanabe Music Publishing | Ireland: Bucks Music Group | Isle of Man: Bucks Music Group | Israel: Sabich Music | Italy: Cafe Concerto Publishing Group | Jamaica: Bucks Music Group | Japan: Watanabe Music Publishing | Kazakhstan: Broma16 | Keeling Islands: Perfect Pitch Publishing | Kenya: Bucks Music Group | Kiribati: Perfect Pitch Publishing | Kosovo: A-TEMPO VERLAG | Kyrgyzstan: Broma16 | Laos: Watanabe Music Publishing | Latvia: Edition Bjorlund | Lebanon: Metisse Music | Lesotho: Sheer Publishing Lithuania: Edition Bjorlund | Luxemburg: Collect! Music Publishers | Macedonia: A-TEMPO VERLAG | Macquarie Island: Perfect Pitch Publishing Madagascar: Metisse Music | Malawi: Bucks Music Group | Malaysia: Watanabe Music Publishing | Mali: Metisse Music | Malta: Bucks Music Group | Martinique: Metisse Music | Mauritania: Metisse Music | Mauritius: Sheer Publishing Mayotte: Metisse Music | McDonald Island: Perfect Pitch Publishing Mexico: The Royalty Network | Moldova: K9 Music Publishing | Monaco: Metisse Music | Montenegro: A-TEMPO VERLAG | Montserrat: Bucks Music Group | Morocco: Metisse Music | Mozambique: Sheer Publishing Myanmar: Watanabe Music Publishing | Namibia: Sheer Publishing Nauru: Perfect Pitch Publishing Netherlands: Collect! Music Publishers | New Caledonia: Metisse Music | New Guinea: Perfect Pitch Publishing New Zealand: Perfect Pitch Publishing Niger: Metisse Music | Nigeria: Bucks Music Group | Niue Island: Perfect Pitch Publishing Norfolk Island: Perfect Pitch Publishing Norway: Edition Bjorlund | Pakistan: Bucks Music Group | Paraguay: The Royalty Network | Peru: The Royalty Network | Philippines: Watanabe Music Publishing | Pitcairn Islands: Bucks Music Group | Poland: A-TEMPO VERLAG | Portugal: Rossio Music Publishing | Romania: K9 Music Publishing | Ross Dependency: Perfect Pitch Publishing Russia: Broma16 | Samoa: Perfect Pitch Publishing San Marino: Cafe Concerto Publishing Group | Senegal: Metisse Music | Serbia: A-TEMPO VERLAG | Seychelles: Bucks Music Group | Sierra Leone: Bucks Music Group | Singapore: Watanabe Music Publishing | Slovakia: A-TEMPO VERLAG | Slovenia: A-TEMPO VERLAG | Solomon Islands: Perfect Pitch Publishing South Africa: Sheer Publishing South Georgia Island: Bucks Music Group | South Korea: Watanabe Music Publishing | South Sandwich Islands: Bucks Music Group | Spain: Bonatarda | Sri Lanka: Bucks Music Group | St. Helena: Bucks Music Group | St. Kitts & Nevis: Bucks Music Group | St. Lucia: Bucks Music Group | St. Pierre and Miquelon: Metisse Music | St. Vincent: Bucks Music Group | Surinam: The Royalty Network | Sweden: Edition Bjorlund | Taiwan: Watanabe Music Publishing | Tajikistan: Broma16 | Tanzania: Bucks Music Group | Tasmania: Perfect Pitch Publishing Thailand: Watanabe Music Publishing | Togo: Metisse Music | Tonga: Bucks Music Group | Trinidad & Tobago: Bucks Music Group | Tristan da Cunha: Bucks Music Group | Tunisia: Metisse Music | Turkey: Median Music Publishing | Turkmenistan: Broma16 | Turks & Caicos Islands: Bucks Music Group | Uganda: Bucks Music Group | Ukraine: Broma16 | United Kingdom: Bucks Music Group | Uruguay: The Royalty Network | USA: The Royalty Network | Uzbekistan: Broma16 | Vatican: Cafe Concerto Publishing Group | Venezuela: The Royalty Network | Vietnam: Watanabe Music Publishing | Wallis & Futuna Insland: Metisse Music | Zaire: Metisse Music | Zambia: Bucks Music Group | Zimbabwe: Sheer Publishing

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